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Welcome to my M.Daigle Toons website!
To really know who you are, you have to learn about and accept your own culture. I am a deaf individual, and I blend my deaf culture with my cartooning skills. As a deaf artist, I want to expose people to the unique culture of the deaf world. Thus, my cartoons are not only to be laughed at, but also to help people better understand deaf culture. Some of my cartoons show the humor when deaf and non-deaf people meet.  Can you imagine the funny situations that happen everyday to deaf people in a non-deaf world? Some of my cartoons focus on deaf culture and life in the world as a deaf person.  These are usually about technology used by deaf people (vibrating bed alarm clocks, pagers, TTY telephones and flashing-light doorbells).  Some are also about services specifically used by deaf people, like interpreters and hearing dogs. But mostly, my cartoons come from my wild imagination! I also have cartoons from everyday life experiences, experiences that deaf and non deaf people share everyday.
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