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Artist Bio
Matt Daigle is profoundly deaf but has ears to wear and is 38 years old with 16 years old sideburns. Born San Antonio, Texas but has lived and traveled around the US (though not yet to the northwest states). After living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for five years, he was tired of making too many snowmen. For a new adventure he and his wife of 12 years and their three year old son relocated to the Sunshine State and now live in California where the climate is a few degrees warmer! He is still a stay at home Dad, playing with his son all day. His nights are filled recharging his creative juices and creating the hilarious cartoons and illustrations you will find here. He loves to spend his time producing work to share his humor with others!

Matt’s illustrating skills, developed in childhood and were honed at Northern State where he graduated with a B.A. in Advertising and Graphic Design. He has worked in the field of Graphic Design for 13 years, both freelancing and as a full time designer. Being a cartoonist and stay at home Dad compliment one another beautiful. Matt continuously inspired by his son has the time and flexibility to jot down ideas or do quick sketches. A big thanks goes to Matt’s best half who is always supportive of his artistic path as a cartoonist/illustrator... even though she still expects him to cough up ‘the bacon’ for their son’s tuition fund.

Check his freelancing website: Please share the humor you find by telling your friends! Matt’s resume is available upon request. If you are interested in ordering my cartoons for your publications, having me show my work at your gallery exhibits, or have me present a workshop (or, really, for anything else you want to ask) contact me at: Thank you for your interest!
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