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Humor Books

In Deaf Culture...

Extreme Interpreting

Order Humor Books by a deaf cartoonist Matt Daigle: a 7.5" x 7.5" over 24 full color cartoons for $15.00.
Autographed Prints

Gift Card -

Would you like to have your favorite M.Daigle cartoon printed and autographed by Matt Daigle? For just $10, a high resolution copy will be signed and sent to your home.

These cartoons are copyrighted and are not intended for resale.

Favorite cartoon printed and autographed by Matt Daigle

Greeting Cards

These original 5" x7" "In Deaf Culture..." greeting cards by a deaf cartoonist– Matt Daigle, come in a set of four cartoons (eight cards total) for $17.00.

Bonus: Buy two or more sets of cards and receive a FREE autographed cartoon print!
TO ORDER a set of 8 cards

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